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Here at 106.8 TCR fm we would like to make the best radio station that we can and that means we need all of the best ideas. This web page is dedicated to suggesting ideas and feedback and anyone can submit queries to us this way. You'll also be able to comment on others' suggestions.

Sign-up for free to get informed about new posts (signing up is free and not mandatory, guests can still post). Each of the ideas are to be reviewed by the station management team and you can expect responses within the site too. Please note we can't guarantee an individual response to every item.

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Instead of automation all day , network other community stations live programs

Your station is too small ??. Look to work with other
Deen, 17.01.2016, 08:49
1 comment

Repeated shows overnight

To replace some automation overnight can we repeat more shows?
Daniel, 06.07.2015, 22:02
1 comment
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